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Update 4/12/2007

More people have come forward to tell their stories. Please visit the "Stories" section to read.

This site has been created to address the growing epidemic of love/sex addicts, spiritual predators, sociopaths and narcissists hunting on the internet, small towns, big cities and close communities around the world. It was inspired by my own experience of being mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically violated by one man, and the stories and recollectIons of other women who were also caught in his web of deceit. It is my sincere hope that others can be enlightened to this violation of body, mind and spirit, and free themselves from similar situations or to think twice before giving their hearts to monsters who appear as angels. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

I do wish to acknowledge that it is not only men who engage in this predatory seduction, I'd heard of a woman who seduced men online and convinced one of her lovers to murder her husband. My own ex-husband married a woman only to later find out she had at least 7 other husbands she never bothered to divorce. She cleaned him out financially and moved on to her next meal-ticket. She didn't bother to come to court for the annullment, but another one of her husbands did.

Sexual predators are not limited to pedophiles, just keyword "internet seduction" and you'll find numerous, vulgar e-books targeted to men on how to seduce women with psychological mind-control techniques. Granted, most of society would write off these jerks as harmless "players," but when a man engages emotional manipulation, patiently cultivates love and trust in his victim, convinces his victim of their "soul bond" and invokes God in this seduction, it is a mind-rape that leaves deep and lasting wounds.

The man who violated us is a chameleon and an admitted love/sex addict. He seemed to consciously choose women in the visual, healing, or spiritual arts, compassionate light workers, creative, intelligent, strong and spiritual, or well educated, confident overachievers, women that he felt would not go after him when he would inevitably screw them over, women who would either be too humiliated or too forgiving to confront him in anger. Many of the women he targeted were also deeply wounded, survivors of past trauma, heartache, abuse. He cultivated a knowledge of what women wanted and needed and became that for each one of them. He manipulated his victims mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. He not only breaks hearts with unimaginable cruelty, he destroys people. He often uses his knowledge of subtle energies and hypnotic techniques to seduce and manipulate.

This man has said he plans to pursue a career in psychological therapy.

Currently, there is no law to protect the public against these cold, calculating sociopaths. There is a law that would condemn those that would con us out of our money or property, but what about the true monsters that would steal our hearts, rape our minds and crush our souls? The time is ripe for the birth of a new law, Scott Peterson may have become the "poster boy" of the sociopathic, narcissistic monsters that those of us who share on these pages have known ... and yes, loved. Had he not also been caught as a cold-blooded murderer, he surely would have gotten away with destroying the lives of those that loved him the most.

It is my hope to change that.

This web site is dedicated to those who have loved and trusted, you have done no wrong. This is for Lacy & Conner Peterson and others poisoned, raped and destroyed by these monsters, this is for Amber and others like her who have been manipulated, lied-to and mind-raped by these psychos.

Let our hearts be healed, let our voices be heard, may justice prevail.

The Message Boards have been discontinued due to the predators and porn mongers who raped our forum. My apologies to those who tried to find peace here, and tried to tell their stories.




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